Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Upcoming Show

We have just been at Weardale Champ Show, which as you may have guessed is miles away in fact just over a 5 hour drive away! Besides from that, the show is set in a beautiful location and is a lovely show to attend! Rusty did really well in the Championship qualifiers and even came 2nd in the Jumping where most dogs were struggling to get clear and clear within course time! Ziggie ran so well, however no clears this time as we managed to get atleast 5 faults in each run.

This weekend we have Agility Club Championship Show, which is rather exciting as it will be Tia's second ever show! Which will be soo great as she is just getting better and better at training and I cant wait to see how she performs in the ring this weekend! Of course it will be another chance for Dave & Rusty to take that last and elusive Championship ticket, so fingers crossed everyone! Ziggie is also running at this show which is great so that I can try and push her a bit to get more speed out of her.

Until then Tia has some training at Sunniday and Rusty has more training at ANJU. Only 3 more days untill Agility Club!!!

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